The Coaching Summit of the Year

...and a new offering to learn coaching

As a coach I understand that the most valuable asset I have is the value I can offer to my clients. That’s why I’m a firm believer that continued education and growth are crucial for long-term success.

Last year I attended WBECS – the World Business and Executive Coach Summit. WBECS is a live, online summit featuring over 40 of the most brilliant minds in coaching.

By attending, you’ll earn up to 5 complimentary ICF & EMCC CCEUs. I would love you to join me at this year’s Pre-Summit – it’s 100% complimentary. 

The world class presenters at WBECS cover a wide range of topics in structured learning tracks such as business development, team coaching and neuroscience to name a few. You are welcome to register for as many sessions as you’d like! 

I didn’t make it in time for the cut-off to be a Presenter this year, but I’m on track to be in the 2021 Summit sharing the stage with giants like Marshall Goldsmith and Ken Blanchard. Here are just a few examples of the live sessions you can choose from when you join this year’s complimentary Pre-Summit:

• Coaching Widespread Fear: Using Non-Reactive Empathy To Uplift Perspective – Marcia Reynolds
• Understand yourself (and others) with the ‘Four Tendencies’ Personality Framework – Gretchen Rubin
• Awareness in Action: Preparing Yourself — and Your Clients! — for a Better Future – David Peterson
• How to dramatically increase your close rates on your coaching clients – Alisa Cohn

It’s really cool stuff and totally free. If this sounds interesting to you then reserve your spot for the complimentary WBECS Pre-Summit today!

I also have a new offering for those looking to start their Coaching Journey:

Along with being a Fellow at the Institute of Coaching at Harvard Mclean Medical School, I’ve recently become a license holder for the International Association of Coaching. This means that I can now offer IAC Certification-track Coach Training.

  • Learn how to coach based on the global standard of Masterful Coaching.

  • Be trained on the latest research in the coaching industry

  • Become certified to serve your organization internally, or to partner as an external coach.

  • Training is conducted virtually from the comfort of your own home - and at a lower price than traditional coach training programs!

  • Message to chat about coaching certification options for individuals and organizations.

Be well,

David Davila

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